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Playoff overview:
  • Playoffs are the first weekend in March.  Host must have gym availability for at least 2 days.   Teams cannot play 3 games in 1 day
  • Seeding based upon final record as noted on the website as of 9:00 PM on Feb 27th
  • In the event of a head-to-head tie, there will be coin tosses done right after the 9:00 deadline
  • By Feb 15: Those interested in hosting a division must submit to Ted Szymanski  their intention, team, division, place in current standings
  • Towns that have expressed interest to host:  Bolton, Canton, Coventry, Tolland, Glastonbury, Manchester, Stafford
  • In the past other hosts have included: Suffield, East Windsor, Windsor Locks, Enfield, Ellington, Somers, and others
  • Playoffs this year are single elimination.
  • ALL TEAMS are in the playoffs
  • Playoff formats will be provided to each host site.  Format will be presented to our Review Committee and they will have final approval for the format for each division.  Hosts cannot deviate from provided format
  • Highest seed in each division has first choice to host
  • Each team paid a league fee of $150 at the start of the season
  • $20 covers website costs
  • $130 pays for playoff costs.  
  • Trophies are paid from the $130/team paid – Team trophies for the 1st and 2nd place playoff finishers and up to 12 player trophies for the 2 teams.  Trophy cost is approximately $140
  • Host is responsible for picking up the trophies at EW that Saturday of playoffs
  • Host would host all games for the division.
  • Host is responsible for securing the facility, scheduling refs, providing clock coverage, paying for facility use, and any other costs.
  • League cannot provide funding beyond the aforementioned
  • An admission charge for spectators cannot be charged
  • An additional fee cannot be charged to teams playing.
  • Funds received by the host from the league is limited to the total number of teams participating.   If a team does not participate in playoffs their initial league entry fee is retained by the league and applied towards league expenses.
For example:
Division X has 8 teams.     8*$130=$1,040 
Trophy cost $140
Money available to the host to pay for playoff expenses = $900
Possible format for an 8 team single elimination playoff
Round 1:                                                              Round 2                                                                                               Round 3 (Championship)
Game 1                8v1                                         Game 5:  Game 1 winner v Game 4 winner                           Game 7:   Game 5 winner v Game 6 winner
Game 2                7v2                                         Game 6:  Game 2 winner v Game 3 winner
Game 3                6v3
Game 4                5v4